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Words, Only Words

Is it possible to run out of things to say?  To write, more specifically?  What is writer’s block?  Is it the lack of anything to say or the lack of inspiration?  Or could it be that I have censored myself for too long, afraid to offend someone, anyone?  I can’t write because I’m afraid what I want to say will offend someone, will make me lose the place that I have gotten to.  When I am writing for my business or for a magazine, putting something into writing that I have not before may make me lose that job.  I don’t want to lose that job.  I like that job.  So I keep trying to write what I think everyone wants to read, not what I want to say.  If it’s my opinion, my writing-can I not say what I want to say?  Does the public want to see the nun drunk in a bar?  Does the public want to hear the stripper preaching about God?  Does anyone still want to hear about God?

Sometimes I long to shout from the rooftops, “Wake up world!  Stop hating.  Stop arguing.  Be at peace.”  Then I think, no I will offend someone.  Someone will disagree with me.  I know that because those people that I know and that read what I write are diverse.  Someone will disagree with me.  Is that bad?  Why should I fear that?  I fear that because of the way I see people acting.  People calling names, casting doubt on a person’s character, intelligence and judgment.  I don’t want to be called names.  I don’t want to be called stupid or naive.  Okay, maybe naive is okay.  I want to be on the winning side, but only if the winner is gracious.  I don’t want to lose people’s respect.  I’m going to anyway.  Why don’t I just say what’s in my heart?

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