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A Good Day

I’m feeling every one of my 54 years today. But it’s a good weariness. I was able to do a little of the lifting and moving I do fifteen years ago. I walked 15,000 miles, not even officially exercising. I got to be in the sun and see the latest plant arrivals. There wasn’t the pressure of the telephone, although I realized I really am not a good communicator. There was a beginning and an end to my duties. Put the plants away. When there’s no more plants, you’re done! Yes, there was more to do after that but I easily knocked something off my to do list. When was the last time that happened? If I broke my to dos into small segments it would work but I don’t have the time to be that detailed in my list. Yes, I felt like I succeeded but I still made wrong assumptions. I just want to have some fun. Let’s attack the day and all the things to do, the utter chaos of a garden center in spring! Let’s celebrate with a beer when we’re done. We made it. I want to feel that camaraderie. I want to hear “well done” and “thank you. “. Then I’ll be able to go put up my 54 year old feet and relax.

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