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Yesterday on my business blog I admitted to something I probably shouldn’t have, that I talk to bees. Actually, I talk to bees, dogs, moles, plants, birds and often to myself. Not wanting to further embarrass myself on a professional level, I feel compelled to express myself on a personal one.
I believe that we are stewards of the earth and champions for those that cannot speak. Perhaps there are some that would not even give man that much control. Certainly if the human race were wiped off the face of the earth the rest of life would go on. I think that the earth might not even miss us. In being stewards, we are to take care of the environment, not destroy it. We are to wisely use the resources we have been charged with and remember that there are generations to follow. Before you put me in a box, you should know that I am a meat eater. I think that hunting for food is okay. I had a very difficult time with the concept of catch and release. I recycle and have since I was 16, although sometimes I get lazy or tired and toss instead. Does it count that I feel extreme guilt? I use chemicals in my yard on occasion, particularly when it involves snails and perennial grassy weeds. I have failed at composting but I am doing well at lackadaisical vermiposting.
So now that I have outlined my beliefs, let me explain the bees. I have never been afraid of bees. I have only been stung once and that was by a yellow jacket, and only because I was disturbing his grazing. My dad is a champion of bees, as well, and I think he probably shared his philosophy although I do not actually recall a particular conversation. What I do recall is my sister’s experience. My dad, hoping to create a girl unafraid of bees, took my sister on his shoulders into the middle of a swarm. Not surprisingly, she is afraid of not only bees but most other insects. Me? I love them all. I have no fear of any of them. Tarantulas, not technically an insect, I have not faced. I loved Entomology and excelled in it. I still remember dissecting a cockroach. It was utterly fascinating! And the fact that everything was grouped into families, etc was music to my well-ordered ears. (Of course, plants also are grouped that way scientifically and I had already taken Botany, so I was well-trained.) I do not kill spiders for they eat mosquitoes and other harmful insects. I was not an enemy to yellow jackets and wasps, only allowing for their trapping near out outdoor dining area. My husband, once he was stung several times, sprayed the yellow jackets. What was I going to say after the fact?
Back to the bees. I absolutely love to have bees in my garden. The hum as the flit around the flowers is intoxicating to my ears. The sight of them harvesting nectar from the throat of the flower is captivating. They are useful for pollination. The part that they play in the master plan is inspiring. And the variety of bees is astounding! Large, small, fluffy, or sleek, they are entrancing. Needless to say, I have included many plants in my garden that attract bees. Of course, most of the plants offer fragrance that I can appreciate as well.
So where did the talking begin? I have always talked to myself. I guess that is not so uncommon. Somewhere along the line I began to believe that animals can sense calmness or fear in humans, so the best approach when dealing with them was to convince them that I was friendly and calm. The fact that I truly am friendly and calm didn’t seem particularly important. Also, I began to believe that humans could have sovereignty over animals. In other words, I truly believed that I could command the bee (or animal). After reading a portion of the book about the Findhorn Garden, I refined this belief into asking for the bee’s (animal’s) cooperation. It especially seemed to work with the mole(?) problem I had in my back yard.
If I were to state that there are unseen forces at work in our world, would I be labeled a freak? The funny thing is, those that believe this encompass the whole spectrum from new age believer to Christian. All that I know is that I love nature, I love animals and I love God. Would I put my theory of calm entreaty of cooperation up against a shark or grizzly bear? Most decidedly not! I am not foolhardy enough to believe that those that come in peace can stand up against those that don’t without falling victim to them. (If you wish to argue whether the shark or the grizzly actually do come in peace, well that is for a later discussion.) Therefore, I certainly understand that those that are allergic to bees would not want them to hover around their yard. I have a life-threatening allergy, so I understand that risk. What I would say is directed to those that do not have a life-threatening allergy but only act out of fear. The bees are an integral part of our planet. Through a number of forces, they are in decline. Please do not be a part of their demise by trying to eradicate them from your garden.

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